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Rona Fernandez is a writer, fundraiser and activist who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her writing has appeared in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Greater Good Magazine Philippine News, and Instant City, and will appear in the forthcoming anthology Are We Born Racist? New Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology (Beacon Press, August 2010). She is also an alumnus of the Voices/VONA workshop for writers of color.

“I started this blog to talk about my experiences as a person of color living in the hyper-consumptive US, and trying to live a ‘greener’, more environmentally just, lifestyle. More often than not, this means living more like my ancestors lived for thousands of years, and going back to my own roots as the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines. I’ve found that ‘environmentalism’ is something that many poor people, immigrants and people of color already practice, more out of necessity than political conviction, and that these practices should be recognized and lifted up as one of the keys to human survival on this planet.” —RF

All of the material contained in this blog is copyright of the author (unless otherwise noted) and solely represents the opinions of the blog author and not of any of organizations mentioned herein.


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Hi Rona,

I wasn’t able to find your email address, so I am writing here. I came across your blog just now and I like it a lot.

Would you be interested in a blogroll mention exchange?

My site is and I thought it might fit well in your “play outside” section 🙂


Comment by Alex Genadinik

Hi Alex,
Sorry I missed your comment, as you can see I haven’t been posting in awhile. Sure of course we can do a blogroll mention exchange. Thanks for thinking of me.


Comment by ronagirl9

Hi There,
I wasn’t able to see how to post on FB page: “People of Color Hiking Group 2011” or did the group end last year? Do you plan on starting another this year?

Comment by Carla D.

I’m sorry for the very late reply, Carla. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue the group because of other commitments. I might start the group at another time. If you do a search on Facebook you may be able to find another POC hiking group that some friends of mine started, but I’m not sure if it’s active anymore. Good luck and happy hiking!

Comment by ronagirl9

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