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Damn Good Pork
April 2, 2010, 3:34 pm
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Realized today that I never posted anything about how good the pork from the humanely raised pig that we bought (already slaughtered and butchered, of course—we’re not THAT hardcore!) a few months ago tastes. Well, as you can tell from the title of this post, it’s frickin’ delicious.

We’ve only eaten some of the smoked ham and the sausage so far, but the ham was meatier and more dense than ANY ham I’d ever tasted—my husband Henry said it was like a ‘pork steak’, which is a pretty accurate description of its texture and meatiness. The butcher had smoked it to perfection and just two slices were enough for my husband and I to have two meals’ worth of delicious portions. (One of the many positive consequences of buying more sustainably raised—and therefore more expensive—meat is that we tend to eat less of it, which is good for our health, but we enjoy it more).

The sausage was seasoned by the butcher (mild Italian style), and I used it to make a yummy pseudo-bolognese sauce (I didn’t use any veal, which I still have mixed feelings about, although the farmer that we got this pig from also raises open-pastured vea basically a baby calf that’s never weaned from its mother’s milk).

Next up for our sustainably raised porcine culinary explorations: making carnitas, and also homemade chicharrones!