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Gardening Update: Beets, Broccoli and More Onions
March 10, 2010, 1:31 am
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Just a quick post to give you the update on the garden I’m planting in my friend T.’s backyard raised beds. First, the cats that are digging up the beds are irritating me, although they haven’t done as much damage as I thought they might, which I attribute to the rain keeping them at bay.But I got a good tip from my friend Cathy about using old coffee bags (or any burlap bags, I’m guessing) to help keep kitties from digging up our beds and using them as litter boxes. Ick!

My husband and I spent a couple hours in the garden last weekend, planting more of the onions plants that I had (there were like 36 of them and I didn’t realize how much space they’d need, but I planted some of them closer together and plan to harvest them as green onions/scallions), as well as sowing some beet seeds and putting in some broccoli plants that I got at the Temescal Farmers Market. The nursery says that these broccoli are easy to grow, so I’m hoping that’s true as I’ve never grown broccoli before.

Next I’ll be sowing some lettuce seeds in pots, which I will eventually bring back to my yard behind my building, which is too shady to grow things like tomatoes but seems to do well for herbs and lettuce. Hope to post some pictures of the garden soon too, so stay tuned.